5 Data access

5.1 Mapper

The mapper allows users to visualize and inspect subsets of OBIS data. A variety of filters (taxonomic, geographic, time, data quality) is available and multiple layers can be combined in a single view. Layers can be downloaded as CSV files.

5.2 R package

The robis R package has been developed to facilitate connecting to the OBIS API from R. The package can be installed from CRAN or from GitHub (latest development version). The package documentation including a function reference and a getting started vignette is available at https://iobis.github.io/robis/.

5.3 API

Both the mapper and the R package are based on the OBIS API which can be used by third party developers as well.

5.4 Full exports

Full exports of the quality controlled presence records as CSV or Parquet (see below).