7 Other Resources

In this section we highlight resources created by collaborators.

7.1 MBON Pole to Pole Tutorial

This tutorial was created by the MBON Pole to Pole project to help guide people through the process of transforming datasets to Darwin Core using tools MBON Pole to Pole has developed.

7.2 IOOS Darwin Core Guide

This book contains a collection of examples and resources related to mobilizing marine biological data to the Darwin Core standard for sharing though OBIS. This book has been developed by the Standardizing Marine Biological Data Working Group (SMBD). The working group is an open community of practitioners, experts, and scientists looking to learn and educate the community on standardizing and sharing marine biological data.

7.3 EMODnet Biology

Contributing Datasets to EMODnet Biology is a course hosted on Ocean Teacher Global Academy (OTGA), developed by members of the European Marine Observation and Data Network. The course prepares users to format, publish, and perform quality control checks on datasets according to Darwin Core standards. While targeted at EMODnet Biology users, this course has significant overlap in how to prepare datasets for OBIS and is useful for those unfamiliar with OBIS standards. Note, an account with OTGA is required to access the course.