1.4 Getting Help in OBIS

If you require additional assistance with OBIS we recommend you first get in touch with the most relevant OBIS node. We also have a support channel on Slack where you can communicate with the OBIS community for help. Please feel comfortable posting to this channel before reaching out to the OBIS Secretariat (). The OBIS community is quite active on Slack and GithHub (see below) so you are more likely to receive a quick answer to your question by posting in either place, as the Secretariat receives many requests.

You can submit issues and questions on relevant Github repositories:

We strongly recommend creating a GitHub account to engage with the OBIS community, document issues, ask questions, find datasets that need endorsing, etc. GitHub gives threads a more permanent home and allows for open communication and transparency. If you are unfamiliar with GitHub, the Carpentries have these training resources which you can reference.